Hair Growth Serum (30ml)

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  • GENTLE & PREMIUM NATURAL INGREDIENTS - Ginseng, Polygonum multiflorum, Old Ginger Extract, Angelica, Black Sesame, Ginkgo, Vitamin E , Water. All natural herbal ingredients are carefully curated to form the most gentle yet effective hair growth solution for all hair types.
  • NATURAL HAIR PROTECTION - Can promote blood circulation and stimulate hair regrowth, repair damaged hair and nourish the scalp. Have the effect of cleaning the hair, can promote cell regeneration, and balance the secretion of sebum.
  • ANTI-HAIR LOSS - Detoxify the scalp and encourage healthy hair, strength and resiliency, accelerate the scalp blood circulation and promote metabolism, block DHT, so they accelerate hair growth and enhance the firmness, density and elasticity of the hair itself.
  • FOR ALL HAIR TYPES - Our hair serum is suitable for all the hair types, whether normal, thinning, color-treated, curly or ethnic hair is perfect for this serum.
  • Customer SupportWe always strive to deliver the best quality product for our customers. However, if you are not satisfied with the product, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Are you still upset or panic for the loss of your hair everyday?

Venus Visage hair growth serum is ideal for effectively promoting the growth or maintain the quality of your hair. Your hair will be treated with the nourishment by the ingredients as well as your
hair will become smooth after the treatment.

Type: Hair Growth Essence

Gender: Unisex

Shelf life: 3 Years

NET Weight: 1 fl.oz / 30ml

Skin Type: All skin types

Package Included: 1 * Hair Growth Essence


🌺 Promote hair growth
🌺 Making weaker hair thicker
🌺 Prevent hair loss
🌺 Repair hair hair follicles
🌺 Balance Oil secretion

How to use?

1.Wet hair thoroughly with warm water.
2.Mix 2-3 drops serum with shampoo, apply on your scalp and rub it to get rich foam.
3.Massage the hair root and scalp for 2-3 minutes with your finger.
4.Wash the hair with warm water thoroughly,so that the essence can be fully absorbed and dirt will be easier to clean.


1. Stored Under normal temperature.
2. Keep away from children.
3. Avoid contact with the wound.
4. Please do skin text before use ,Any adverse reactions, stop using.
5. This product is not suitable for pregnant women.
6. If it is in use, if it accidentally flows into the eyes, it should be washed immediately with cold water.

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